Peak Punk is your companion and best buddy on your trips. buddy. No matter if during your sportive borderline experiences or in the adventurous madness of everyday life. Peak Punk is for the situation when your body is crying out for real energy. energy. Peak Punk is your dude, who spurs you on. you, pushes you, steals your hunger and forces you to perform at and forces you to peak performance. With long term effect it improves your physical and mental ability and erases your limits. your limits.
Peak Punk, the high-profile sports food, 2017 in the Swiss mountains. Developed for confident peak performances, big plans and crazy days without doggedness. Peak Punk is the ultimate sports brand for the wild ones among us. Especially for dirty trips, trails, weird slopes, endless stages and legendary stories. legendary stories. For the Alps, mountain passes or for regeneration - for before, during and after. Peak Punk, the natural energy supplier for when it really matters. it comes down to it.

+ F*** FUN.

Two guys working together in the same juice shop and don't want to be bored anymore. They want more in life. More adventure, more thrills, more action. So the two two unconventional thinkers decide overnight to overcome their inner to overcome their inner stubbornness, to combine their talents and found their own brand. Thomas and Roger create the brand Peak Punk.
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For our products we use only the best ingredients. With the goal of providing you the healthiest source of energy source of energy. With a combination of nuts, fruits and other delicious ingredients, you can you can be sure Peak Punk is the ultimate source of long-lasting long-lasting energy. Naturally handcrafted and with a lot of love. We put a lot of emphasis on the exact composition and origin of the ingredients. ingredients.

In other words, we design every single recipe ourselves and
test the products with our athletes. Goal: Best
Quality, best effect, best taste.

Always real: oats, nuts, dates, kernels, seeds or vitamins. Always real!


Sports bars like from the chemistry lab? Nope, not with us. Peak Punk shines with pure vegan organic raw materials and ensures long-lasting energy supply - each bar strong in its area. Just as important, Peak Punk is radically free of refined sugars, artificial sweeteners, preservatives or other f*** no-go ingredients. And clearly, the natural ingredients boost your performance at the same time.



Whether it's your next mountain pass ride, trail running or cross-fit box, Peak Punk's Electrolyte Sport Drink will make your opponents look pretty old. 26% organic ingredients combined with a broad carbohydrate and electrolyte spectrum, forms the basis for legendary stories. 100% natural ingredients promise excellent tolerance even during high intensity exercise. Swiss Made!



Revolutionary and rebellious! Peak Punk Vitamin Water invigorate urban hipsters and nature junkies. They provide energy for full-blooded athletes and rookies. Buddies for real adventurers and through starters. They are friend of all everyday heroes and hidden geniuses. And all with 100% natural ingredients. Developed and produced in Switzerland.



We want to inspire as many people as possible for our mission. We want to change change mindsets. For example, we consistently do not use palm oil, palm oil, industrial sugar, flavor enhancers preservatives - and wherever possible, we always use organic raw materials wherever possible. Next hit: We reduce the ingredient lists to the essentials, rely on manufacturing instead of mass production instead of mass production with the shortest possible of raw materials and products. The result: A clear statement statement, pure, natural flavors and the true taste of adventure. true taste of adventure.
Peak Punk. Far more than food. "No Bullshit inside" - A way of life. We believe in products and partnerships that make you happy. We believe in a sustainable yet stylish lifestyle. We create high quality, contemporary products for on the go on the go, for life. For the clothes we use 100% GOTS certified organic cotton - and recycled material where and recycled material where technically possible. possible. Of course, we are not perfect either. But with our success we are getting closer to our goal every day. closer to our goal every day.


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