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Organic High-Protein Bar

Do you like gains? Our popular organic high-protein bars are now available with a good load of extra protein. 100% plant-based, swear!

Organic Oat Flapjack

Infinite power from really awesome ingredients: Complex carbohydrates from oat flakes and healthy energy from nuts make the Oat Flapjack your partner in crime for daring adventures and hard workouts.

Bio Energy Bar

When you're feeling a little hungry, you still don't have to stuff your face with junk. Our Organic Energy Bar's are the perfect snack of dried fruits and nuts.

Organic High-Protein Shake

Organic high-protein shakes - Double Zero! No added sugar or sweeteners here. And the best thing? We don't do things by halves when it comes to quality. Our shakes are made from 100% organic ingredients and have a protastic protein content of up to 46%.

Natural Energy Gel

Natural Energy Gels: Long-lasting energy without unnecessary frills. Perfect for endurance athletes looking for a natural boost.

Natural Electrolyte

26% organic ingredients combined with a wide carbohydrate and electrolyte spectrum, form the basis for legendary stories. 100% natural ingredients promise excellent tolerance even during high intensity exercise.

Natural Vitamin Water

Peak Punk Natural Vitamin Water invigorate thoroughbred athletes, rookies, urban hipsters and nature junkies. They are buddies for real adventurers and through starters, friend of all everyday heroes and hidden geniuses. And all with 100% natural ingredients.


Peak Punk is much more than food. "No Bullshit Inside" - a way of life. Peak Punk believes in products that make you happy. We believe in a sustainable lifestyle. This is how we create high-quality, contemporary goods.