St.Gallen Bears

They are a young, ambitious American Football team that has made it their goal to familiarise the local population with this fascinating and exciting sport from the USA and, of course, to successfully compete.

The Bears’ primary goal is, clearly, to play American Football. The Bears have however set themselves the further task of spreading the popularity of this sport. For they do not only want to play football, but also make the people of the region more familiar with the sport. American Football is packed with passion, power, emotion and tactics. It is a very demanding sport, but not merely physically, but also mentally. It is not called ‘lawn chess’ for nothing.

It’s not whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get up.

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Peter is from Innsbruck. A perfect place to live it up on a bike, take part in Crankworx and to express yourself both in front of and behind the camera. Amidst the mountains, surrounded by forests, trails, dreams and visions. This is where Peter perfects his tricks when he isn’t out somewhere else with his bikes and cameras. And the type of bike doesn’t matter, nor does the weather, or whether he is working on a video project or just enjoying himself with his friends – it’s all good, as long as it’s about cycling, for that’s just what Peter loves. From a relaxed Enduro Ride to the day of dirt jumps and wild tricks at the Crankworks Slopestyles – he does it all.

Peter likes to capture everything in silent and dynamic visual images, likes to produce videos, but he also loves snapping one or another analog photo to document amazing memories and generally strives for real passion in everything related to biking. So in short: a pretty busy guy who loves to cycle as much as possible and handle a camera while doing so.

His achievements:

  • 2nd Crankworx Innsbruck WhipOffs 2021
  • 5th Crankworx Innsbruck SpeedAndStyle 2021
  • 3rd Crankworx Innsbruck WhipOffs 2020
  • 6th Crankworx Innsbruck SpeedAndStyle 2021
  • Best Trick / World Firsts Audi Nines 2020
  • 1st Crankworx Rotorua WhipOffs 2019
  • 5th Glemride 2019

Bikes and Cameras!


Sandro comes from Bündnerland. We think this fact is a highlight in itself – Switzerland’s largest canton, with Lenzerheide, Laax and a plethora of insider tips, is one of the world’s most popular regions for biking, boarding and all kinds of outdoor adventures. Sandro is living his dream as a biker, photographer and full-time van lifer. His home is the world, nature and the trails. He loves freedom, the variety of different regions and the beauty of the weather. He does what lots of us dream of: he dares, he does, he tries and it works. Pure freedom!

Full send, living the dream.

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Nils Favre loves all forms of climbing. He likes the quiet during his own tours but also competitions that let him measure up against the best in the world. He enjoys the virtues of climbing, travelling, discovering and all the challenges and fitness aspects of this unique outdoor sport. To him, climbing is a mission, a freedom and pure passion. When you speak with him, you can feel the fascination for this mountain sport and how real climbers interact with nature – full of care, humility and unity!


  • V15/8C boulder
  • 9A lead
  • Swiss champion 18

I just love climbing!

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Melissa Le Nevé

Melissa originally comes from the flatlands of France, Bordeaux. Why did she begin climbing at 15 despite this background? Good question! Like a free bird, she struck out at her tender age to conquer the most breathtaking lines and climbing routes. She had, and still has, the fascination and excitement for climbing. No ifs or buts. Mountains and rocks don’t just give her the freedom of climbing. For her, it’s a lifestyle, a need to be in constant contact with nature! So she made climbing her job, and tried to expand the horizons of women in climbing as well as just her own. From bouldering at the highest level to a 300m multi-pitch in Madagascar, she was the first women to ascend the mythical Action Directe 9a.

Her focus as a professional sportswoman is clear. Staying at the top requires extreme attention to detail. One very important detail is nutrition. So she studied natural medicine to conquer the wonders of nature in food as well as rocky cliff faces. Today, she knows exactly what’s good for her body – whether she’s at the wall or recovering at home – as long as it’s natural. So, Peak Punk is the perfect companion for Melissa!

If you love something, see it through!

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Anja Blacha

What, you don’t know Anja Blacha? Anja is insane! The native German lives in Zurich, where she never really spends any time. She prefers the outdoors, being in nature, far away in the wild, where we mortals don’t dare go. She’s gone on solo expeditions to the South Pole, climbed Broad Peak and K2 without oxygen bottles, and completed the Seven Summits in less than three years. Just to name a few of her insane challenges.

In order to succeed as an extreme athlete, a sensible diet is essential. ‘But there are many types of nutrition,’ she says. Her path is vegetarian, if possible without artificial additives, sugar, salts and no other bullshit – but with slowly-releasing carbs and good proteins. And logically, her diet must be edible in the freezing cold and provide her with the necessary ingredients on the go.

For Anja, Peak Punk is a trusted companion on all her expeditions – whether during her preparation or exactly when it matters the most.

If you really want something, you will achieve it.

Joel Mattli

Joel Mattli is an athlete. A real athlete. He doesn’t only look the part; he works on it every day. He’s got high ambitions and goals, but his chances are high, as well. As a Ninja Warrior and all-round fitness freak he’s been a finalist at Ninja Warrior Germany and Switzerland. Crazy, right?

His recipes for success are healthy, varied food, a positive attitude to life and persistence in achieving his goals. He loves overcoming any laziness over and over again – and he hates boredom. To him, the ‘unsexiest thing’ is sitting at home and twiddling your thumbs. Cool people go outside and experience life. Simply an adventurer and challenger! So should you want to find him, there is a good chance he’s somewhere out in nature! Good luck!

For Joel, Peak Punk combines sports and lifestyle, coolness and authenticity, independence and vitality.


Lives in:Dällikon, Canton of Zurich
Size:179 cm
Weight:71 kg
Hobbies:Surfing, Calisthenics and any other sports, music (guitar and singing) and travelling

Know no limits!

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Rahel Bühler

Rahel is the enduro and downhill shooting queen of Peak Punk. She’s young, she’s wild and she’s athletic – as long as the ascent doesn’t take forever. With a refreshing character, she sweeps along her surroundings with her personality.

She prefers jumps where she can test her limits, technical descents that challenge her true skills. And all on trails of course, where the view takes your breath away. She toys with the bike as if it were part of her. She loves freedom, her bike and accepts any challenge – as if there were no rules and no limits. And, if possible, she does it all with as much dirt as possible – perfect for really living it up.

When it comes to food she is equally curious and attentive. The origin and contents must be right, following the line of ‘no food waste’. She’s taken a shine to natural vitamins, fresh vegetarian dishes and cool brands. Fundamentally a healthy lifestyle, were it not for the inescapable love of chocolate.


Justin Wüthrich

Kitesurfing alone is cool. A sport that conveys life and freedom. In the sea or on a mountain lake – wherever lifestyle is lived out and a ‘hang-loose’ groove is conveyed. Either salt water in your hair or white mountain tops in front of your eyes. That is the perfect world for Justin – what matters is water, lots of wind and sun.

Justin is creative, he seeks and radiates joy of life. That is why he’s 100% Peak Punk – or as we call him: Peak Chaser!

Peak Punk is more than just a food brand for him. He feels like an ambassador, proud and shows his colours – while kiting or in everyday life. Peak Punk is his source of strength and motivation and there when he has new ideas.

Ride hard. Fly high.

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Steffi Marth

Biking has always been Steffi’s universe. Speed and the feeling of freedom are what fascinates Steffi above all while biking. Added to this is nature, which she sees as a major bonus during her experiences. To explore and discover the beauty of the natural environment is a privilege and one that must be protected. Without compromise.

Steffi competed in several 4X World Cup seasons and then switched to Enduro, Freeride and the Downhill World Cup. She is a six-time national BMX and 4X champion and winner of the bronze medal at the 2014 and 2015 4X World Championships. But Steffi also needs goals outside of that. Thanks to her competitive nature, she earned an M.Sc. in Architecture plus a PR degree. Today she is a well-known face in the world of mountain bike media thanks to the racing, travel and project work that surrounds her outdoor lifestyle on two wheels.

It’s an endless adventure.

I feel like I truly am
Riding The Dream.


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  • Plant Protein