Palm oil – the death of the rainforest! Palm oil continues to be ever-present in our lives, and the most commonly used plant oil all around the globe. Its low global market price has led to palm oil being found in half of all supermarket products. As well as ready-made pizzas, biscuits, cereals, sweets, chocolate, margarine and sports foods, palm oil is also found in body lotion, soap, make-up, candles and detergents. It makes huge profits for large companies while robbing small-scale farmers of their land and livelihoods. Displacement, rainforest clearing and species extinction are all consequences of palm oil consumption. 


The destruction of the rainforests means global warming can continue unabated. Almost a fifth of global CO2 emissions come from deforestation. In the meantime, palm oil plantations already stretch over 27 million hectares in tropical rainforest areas. This is about the same size as Great Britain. 32 football fields of rainforest are cleared every minute.

3% for the planet


WE BELIEVE ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. So we’ve decided to be part of a movement – and to take a stand against the destruction of the rainforest. By buying Peak Punk products, you can be a part of it too. 3% of our sales go directly to the ‘Rettet den Regenwald’ aid organisation. www.regenwald.org


This problem isn’t new – and let’s be honest here. We can’t save the world with 3%. But we can be part of something and be more conscientious in our everyday lives – and involve those around us.



The tropical rainforest is an evergreen belt around the Earth’s equator. The largest conjoined tropical rainforests with the most biodiversity in the world are found in the Amazon, the Congo Basin and South-East Asia. But the rainforests continue to be destroyed to make way for profit-generating palm oil plantations. More than half of our rainforests have already been destroyed and other areas seriously damaged. When a tree is felled, its inhabitants die too. Despite much effort, this destruction has not slowed down. Each attack destroys the balance between nature, the climate, plants and animals!

we can

more than
we think.

What we can change in small ways?


01. Avoid products with palm oil. 02. Ask shop workers for alternatives or write to brands directly and confront them with the issue. 03. Buy less meat and animal products. The rainforest is also being destroyed to make way for pasture and to grow animal feed. 04. Cook and bake with fresh ingredients – instead of consuming read-made products! 05. Save paper. Whether it’s toilet paper, advertising or your own printed documents – even after digitisation, we can still reduce our paper consumption. 06. Where possible, ride your bike or use public transport as lots of fuels also contain palm oil.